During the spring semester of 2015, Erik and Alok created the concept of an art auction marketplace for student artists to sell the work they create while in college. Bravery’s experience marketing to and designing for students, as well as our range of work for startups and custom application, made us a great fit for Art Start Art’s product.

We started work, first, on a modern and strong identity for the service along with a color palette that is bright, bold, and energetic. We identified ATC Overlook for the brand typeface and created a style guide to help with its usage.

Logo and color options for Art Start Art

After an exhaustive exploration and revision process, we all agreed a word mark would work best for the various implementations. The ASA team needed its brand to be refined and elegant enough to appeal to more mature art buyers while being modern and clean enough (which we interpreted as having a slight edge to it) to attract student artists to sell on the service.

Art Start Art alternate "ASA" logo

Planning and Wireframing

We used a hybrid method of wireframing and atomic design principles to focus on the best experience for ASA’s users. Starting with atomic design, we drafted a lot of the core elements before working them into wireframes. This process allowed us to create an efficient design system across the major views of the auction site.

Art Start Art Wireframe Mockups

Interface Design

We then moved on to fleshing out the wireframes into full-blown, high definition comps that would be delivered to their development team. As of now, the website hasn’t launched. However, once Art Start Art is up and running we’ll update this case study with the designs we created for them.

Art Start Art logo on paint