Doubts can be swept away only by deeds.
Winston S. Churchill

Joel Goodman founded Bravery Media in 2012 after six years of working in higher education. With a newly pressed master of arts in Media Studies, he was tired of fighting to do not only really exciting things to advance his university’s efforts but also to do obvious things; the sort that would lead to happier students and more of them.

So he left his university job and moved to Austin, TX.

Bravery is a small agency by design. Instead of carrying massive overhead and passing that cost on to our clients, we operate with a strategic small group of leadership and a wide network of partners whom we have worked with and known for years. Collectively we have decades of experience across the gamut of higher education disciplines including Advancement & Development, Communication & Marketing, Enrollment Management & Admissions, Student Services & Retention, Information Technology, and Academics.

Why Small is Good

Our size does more than just help us keep costs under control. A small core and large partner network means we can custom-tailor a team that is perfect for each client’s specific project. There is an unrecognized myth that says every project needs the same process. But we know every project is different, every team is different, and every audience is nuanced. When you work with Bravery, you get exactly the group of people you need working for you.

The Bravery Method

Bravery will certainly work for you, but we much prefer to come alongside your team to get a project done. And because we partner with you, we’re able to finish that project a lot faster than any other agency you’ve worked with. When you hire Bravery, we are focused on your project for the life of it.

In other words, think of us as an extra set of skilled hands and brains. We’ll augment your team’s bandwidth and capabilities during the project, so that when we leave you’re left with sustainable internal processes.

Smaller, Better, Faster, Stronger

Fewer cooks in the kitchen means faster and more efficient work. And boy, do we work quickly. We target 2-3 months for any project we take on. If that seems aggressive, that’s because it is. But we’ve proven that to be a good range of time when we are focused on one project at a time.

Our small size makes Bravery the best choice for any size project. And we’ve collectively built larger-scale web services and applications than just about any agency focused on higher education. Our internal processes are proven and our work is extensive. Our code is cleaner, lighter, and faster. Our design is beautiful, focused, and cohesive. Our communication is clear, prompt, and helpful.

Small doesn’t mean weak. It’s means we have to pack a lot more power into the people we join with. And our people are pure talent. The Bravery partner network is made up of the best of the best.

We Value Higher Education

Collectively, the Bravery network has over 30 years of experience working with colleges and universities from the Ivy League to local and community colleges. Many of us have taught college-level courses and worked in administration for years doing advancement, development, admissions, web services, and marketing work. We understand the political and social realities of working in an academic environment and we’re here to help you.

In fact, one of the founding purposes behind Bravery is to be a help to institutional employees that need a little third-party backup. We’re fast and thorough because we know the space, we know the challenges, and we know the lingo.

And we love higher ed. Some of us still have full-time jobs at institutions. Many of us actively speak at and help plan conferences like the Elements Web Conference at Penn State, HighEdWeb, Aggregate, CASE, and Confab EDU. Outside of those, we’ve been known to show up and give talks at Confab Central, TEDx, SXSW, and WordCamp.

While our stance may be getting less and less popular in tech culture and the mainstream, we each believe higher education has made our lives better and will continue to impact the world for years to come.

So Work With Us!

We’d love to talk about your project and see if it’s a fit. We can handle anything you need. If you have an idea, let’s chat. We’re happy to help you think through your initial planning to help you pitch your project before you even spend a dollar with us. If you want to do something cool, we want to help you make it the best it can be.

So, please, get in touch!